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Star Wars Doujinshi

Jedi Apprentice

Adapted by BlackRose
Hosted on site
(On hold until further notice)


By Hikaru
Hosted on site

SW Yaoi

By Kaoru
Link goes to Kaoru's site
Doji contains non-graphic Yaoi/Slash


By BlackRose
Hosted on site
Doji contains non-graphic Yaoi/Slash

SW Doji Home

Submissions Accepted
The Star Wars Doujinshi site is open to anyone who draws single pieces or whole stories about any of the Star Wars universe and characters. If you would like to submit artwork to the site, please email Black Rose at with your pieces. If you have a particularly large piece (or several pages) please warn me first before sending them! (I need to have enough room in my mailbox to receive them.)

This site will not make judgement calls about your artwork - if you think it belongs here, feel free to submit it! All manga artwork is accepted, including het or slash non-graphic subject matter, provided it will pass Tripod's user agreement.

The characters, names, ideas, logo and everything else are the property of George Lucas and Lucas Films. No infringement is intended - the contents of this site are done by the fans, for the enjoyment of the fans, with no profit. All original artwork is © to the creating artist and should not be used without permission.